Friday, May 15, 2009

The Three Little Thiefs

This pice is meant to be rad by an audience of all ages. The purpose of this pice is to write a fairytale and adapt it into an urban fairy tale for teens today, with relevant and engaging messages.

A long long time ago, in a land far far away, between the two great mountains of Everest, there was a small city, hidden from the rest of the world. In it was a kingdom beyond belief. And within that kingdom there lived a king and his three sons. This king was no ordinary king. For he had build this village all by himself. He called all his closest friends and acquaintances to come live with him in that little piece of paradise that he had built. He was widely respected due to that fact that he did not inherit his kingdom nor his status in the village. He was a thief and the best one at what he did. He was no ordinary thief, as he would like to call it “a thief with morals” and as both his friends and foes would say “The Thief Lord”. He would never steal from close friends or those who were less fortunate than him. As well as he would only take what he needed and anything extra was out of the question. On top of that, he would never use force. Over many years he had mastered a certain set of rare skill that makes him a nightmare for those who did not value what they had. He would leave as quickly as he entered and if his prey were lucky, they might even get a glimpse of his shadow. The only people that he would permanently borrow from would be those that did not value the significance of what they possessed at took it for granted. From that he built a kingdom like no other. He had artefact and relics form all over the world.

Now the king felt his time as ruler of his piece of paradise was coming to an end and wanted to see which of his sons would be worthy enough to inherit the largest part of his thrown. He did not know how to choose between them as the were so alike. On top of that they all possessed his skills and knowledge he had acquired though his whole life at such an early age. He agreed that he had taught them well. Any one of them would be a worthy candidate to rule his kingdom. One day he came up with an idea. He woke them all up really early and called them to the meeting room. They were quite puzzled when he told them:
“I’m sending you all away”
They did not know what to expect but they knew that their father always had reason behind his statements. They looked eagerly at him as he spoke:
“As you know my wise children, fate has been really kind to me all my life but I must say, the sun is starting to set on me, and rise on your futures. Therefore I love you all equally enough and I have found a way to divide my kingdom between you. You will all go to the ends of the earth in search of something that has the value of eternity and cannot be found anywhere else. You have two years and you must be back exactly at this time. I will be waiting.”
Without hesitation the children left as quickly as they had arrived. They took small bags of clothing and things they would need and jumped on their private jets in search of this item that would have the value of eternity. They searched far and wide, over and under but the two year limit that their father had bestowed on them had quickly come to an end.
As he had ordered the three children were waiting for their father in the meeting room two years from the day that they had left. As their father walked in they could see the effects that time has had on him. He looked at them and have them a warm smile as he sat down.
“Welcome back my sons. I see time has been kind to you. You have not aged a bit. I’m hoping your wisdom has though. One at a time, show me what treasures you have brought back with you. Remember this will determine who gets the biggest part of the kingdom.”
The first and oldest son stood in front of his aging father, looked at him and bowed on one leg.
“Father I have travelled all over Europe and bring you this gift. Its called the Mona Lisa and is the only one of its kind. It was pained a long time ago and has seen and been though a lot. It has potential to last an eternity.
His father looked at it and said “well done my son I thank you for this gift. What have you brought me my second oldest son?”
His second oldest son stood in front of him, looked at him and then bowed on one leg.
“Father I went all the way to Asia and visited a country known as Japan. There they have technologies that can last an eternity. I bring you this small gift, it’s called, the Ipod. It can store vast amounts of knowledge on it and its battery never dies.
His father looked at it and said “well done my son I thank you for this gift. And now for my youngest son. What have you brought me?”
His youngest son stepped up and looked at him with empty hands.
“Father, unlike my brothers I am sorry to disappoint you but I did not bring you an item because as useful as it may be it cannot have a value of eternity as they will break or get worn out. I travelled the world and met many people. I have learned a lot and have brought you back a gift of knowledge (pointing to his head). For knowledge cannot be broken or worn out. Nor forgotten. It can only be passed on.”
His father looked at his youngest son and smiled.
“You my son have seen what I have spent all my life learning. I am pound of you. You will be the one to have the largest part of this kingdom."
The brothers were not jealous but instead proud of their little brother. They all still spent a lot of time together in the kingdom and lived happily ever after.

Review of the book "The Secret"

This piece is intended for an audience between the ages of 16 and over. The purpose of this piece is to write an review of a book and to try and convince the audience that it is as good as the movie as well as that it has the power and potential to change their lives.

"The Secret” put simply is about the law of attraction, or as the quote says “The choices you make today are the results you live with tommorow. The Secret speaks of taking responsibility for ourselves and learning to go inside ourselves for happiness rather than counting on someone else or some new situation to make us happy.
“The Secret” isn’t the first book to come up with the theory of the law of attraction, and one can check all over the internet and they will see thousands of articles and books on the subject. This book is the first to put the law of attraction so simply. And it’s the first that has had so many quotes from so many sources (including the Bible) and so many contributors, including scientists, doctors, life and business coaches, authors, ministers, and metaphysicians from both the past and the present.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is finally ready to make lasting changes in their life. The Secret helps us to create a new way of thinking so that instead of attracting those same old preoblems that we always face, we attract happiness and the life we’ve always dreamed of.


This piece is intended for an audiece between the ages of 12 and over. The purpose of this piece is educate and inform the audiece of a biography of the chosen person.

Hello, my name is Emil Kichoukov and I was born in Bulgaria on the date of Sunday February 18 1990. I am 5'11 and weigh about 154 pounds. I have one brother who is 9 years old and have lived in Toronto for alomost 15 years. I went to chester elementary school from grade one to six. Then Cosburn Middle School for a part of grade seven until I moved to Westwood middle school for the rest of grade seven and all of grade eight. Afterwards high school was a big decision which I wasnt ready for condiering I went to North Toronto for grade nine until I finally decided that East York was the place for me. Now its time for university, I dont really know whats going to happen but I guess all one can hope for is the best;) I am accepted into York Uiversity for the Psychology and Kenisiology programs and I was planning to double major in them. Besides becoming a soccer player:P I was thinking of getting into eaither teaching or physiotherapy as a profession. That time is still far away and I guess only time will tell what the future holds. One thing im sure about; Its gonna be a bright one;):D

Yellow Star of Hope

This piece is intended for an audience of all ages. The purpose of this piece is to portay the sun in a poem as well as educate the audience.

Its stands tall, thousands of killometers away.
It gives us its warmth, requesting for nothing in return.
Its big, bright and yellow, its here to stay.
We just hope it doesnt get to close, or we might start to burn.

It brightens our day and keeps our planet warm at night.
It leaves us in winter and comes back in summer.
It shares the sky with the moon. Never getting in a fight.
If it could stay all day, never going away it would be a lot funner.

You warm our oceans and give us all motivation.
We thank you wise sun for heping the earth.
You may not know it but your the key to creation.
Because without you, there would be no birth.

Life of a Legend

This piece is intended for an anudence of all ages. Its purpose is to give background information on a specific person which in this case is the famous soccer player Ricardo "Kaka".

A true legend of his profession. He started off as nothing and yet became what we know as the best player in the world. Kaka's real name Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, (born April 22, 1982 in Brasil) is a Brazilian football player who currently plays for A.C. Milan in the Italian Serie A. He wears the number 22 shirt for the club. He got his nickname "Kaka because his little brother Rodrigo could not pronounce the word Ricardo when they were young. Rodrigo called his older brother "Caca" which Ricardo later changed to "Kaka" and decided to put that on his jersey. He made his debut at SaPaulo FC in 2001 while he was only 19 years old. He scored 12 goals in 27 appearances and a further 10 goals in 22 appearances the following season. He attracted attention from European clubs and it was Milan who won the race to sign him. Kaka joined Milan in 2003 for an 8.5m fee, his first appearance coming in a match at Ancona, which Milan won 2-0. In all, he scored 10 goals in 30 appearances that season, winning the Italian Serie A Championship and the European Super Cup. His main goal was to play for his country which he achieved when he was placed in Brazil's squad at the 2002 World Cup, but did not see much action as Brazil took the World Championship.

The Count of Monte Cristo Review

This piece is for an audience over the age of 16. The purpose of this piece is to fully describe the book titled "The Count of Monte Cristo" to the audience and give them a sample of what they should expect from it as they are flipping through the pages.

Many times it is concidered a Classic Story "The Count of Monte Cristo" is concidered to be based off of the French novel by Alexandre Dumas and it was written in 1845. I would say it is one of the most amazing books that should be given to every student to read in high school.
Its a story based on a young, naive sailor who's name is Edmond Dantes. He is betrayed and accused of aiding the exiled Napoleon and is therefore sentenced to life imprisonment in an island fortress where he spends 14 years being punished unjustly. He is thrown into a secret dungeon in the Ch√Ęteau d'If—doomed to spend his life in a dank prison cell. The story of his long, harsh years in captivity, his miraculous escape, and his carefully wrought revenge creates a an amazing tale of mystery and gives the reader a visual of many of the challanges the young hero faces and the stealthy and genius eays he overcomes them.

Cosmo Review

This piece is intended for an audience between the ages of 16 and 28. The purpose of this peice is to introduce and five the audience a firm grasp on a magazene by reading this review.

Its true that there are countless magazenes that are made for females but i dont think there is one thats as popular as Cosmopolitan. Although its a womans magazene, males surprisingly find many reasons to like Cosmo although they usually have to much dignity to buy it. On almost any given page, there are scantily dressed women posing seductively. Even the fashion pages show sexy models strutting down the runway. Almost all the ads show at least one female and one male really checking her out. NOw enough talk about the males. Female fans have also a lot to look for in Cosmo's pages.For example, the most obvious one would be the sex tips, sex help, sex question and answers and sex life. Not only that but its also good for the fashion tips it tends to display. In every Cosmo issue there are articles about the hottest new fashion threads. Regardless if the clothes are shockingly overpriced and no average person could afford them, still you may get ideas about what hot celebrities wear, what is trendy and what is not.